General questions

You can find us at the mesmerizing Vijverspark in Anderlecht, Belgium.

Address: Avenue Marius Renard, Anderlecht

Parking: Visitors to the festival can park at P+R CERIA-COOVI near exit 16 of the R0. A day ticket costs 15 euros. The walking route to the festival is signposted.
1 km - 13' walk

Saturday, 17th Of August: 12h00 – 00h00

Sunday, 18th Of August: 12h00 – 22h00

We host an afterparty at Fuse on both days. Afterparty runs from 23h00 until 08h00 on Saturday and from 22h00 until 07h00 on Sunday.

The minimum age to enter the festival is 18 years. Visitors are obligated to enter their date of birth upon purchasing a ticket. If the visitor is younger than 18 years it isn’t possible to purchase a ticket to the festival. When there is a doubt that a visitor isn’t old enough to enter the festival we will do a passport check. When the visitor hasn’t reached the age of 18, access will be denied. The ticket will not be refunded.

Cashless is a way of paying with an electronic chip that avoids the need for cash and tokens. Online recharging, paying in euro, refunds after the festival, and a cashless XRDS will make your life easier. When you arrive at the festival, you’ll receive a wristband fitted with a chip. It’s waterproof. But be careful not to burn, bend or puncture it.

This chip will contain your topped up money, which will enable you to make purchases at the festival. This bracelet will be the only way to enter and pay at the festival.

After you've entered the festival head over to the Top Up Booth with your drink voucher tickets you brought in presale. We will put your bought and free tokens on your cashless chip on your bracelet.

We recommend you to download the Payconiq app here so you can easily top up at the festival

You can top up your bracelet in several ways:

– At the festival site at the cashless points (top up by bank card – no American Express, no meal vouchers);
Only for Belgians and Luxembourgers: via Payconiq by scanning the QR code on your bracelet. We recommend you to download the Payconiq app here so you can easily top up at the festival. Dedicated WiFi zones will be found on site (across La Brasserie and across the big screen of the National Lottery) so you can use WiFi to top up online (via Payconiq or your cashless account)

NB: this is only possible if you have a Belgian or Luxembourgian bank account. The bracelet is of course not linked directly to your bank account: no transaction will be made other than from the money you put on your bracelet. Don’t have a Belgian bank account? No worries! Go to one of the cashless points or to your online cashless account.

The minimum amount you can top up is €20. Your cashless chip has a maximum of €425. At the end of the festival, you can request a refund of your unused credits.

You can check your balance after every payment you make at a terminal or at the Top Up Booth.

If you still have money left on your bracelet after the festival, you can request a refund of the balance from your online account via the Cashless page on this website (to do this, you need to use your cashless account or create one if you haven’t already done so).

The application form will be open from 01.00 pm on Tuesday 22 August to 11.59 pm on Tuesday 5 September 2024. A €1 refund fee will apply. No requests will be processed after Tuesday 5 September 2024. After this date, any remaining credit will be permanently lost.

If you have a problem with your request, please send us an e-mail to before 11.59 pm on Tuesday 5 September 2024 to ensure that your request is processed.

How to get there?

Midi Station (Gare Du Midi) in Brussels is the best way to get to the festival by train. There are direct trains to this station from many stations including Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and Brussels North and Central. Plan your route and buy your ticket via the NMBS website.

From the Zuidstation (Gare Du Midi), either the Metro, Tram or bus is a smooth way to get to the festival location. There are several rides per hour there and back until a little after midnight.

By metro

  • Line 6 direction 'Koning Boudewijn' or Line 2 direction 'Simonis' - change in 'Weststation'.
  • Line 5 direction 'Erasmus' - get off at 'Het Rad'.
    • At the centre of Brussels, provides a connection to
      other metro lines
    • 6 metro trains/hour until 23:00
    • 3 Metros/hour between 23:00 and 00:30
    • Connection Brussels South via lines 6 & 2

– At the stop 'Het Rad' the walking route to the festival is indicated.
1,5 km - 18' walk

– At the stop 'Eddy Merckx'
1,5 km - 18' walk

By tram / bus

  • Line 81: Montgomery - Marius Renard

Direct connection from Ixelles (tram) and Zuidstation (replacement bus) to Vijverspark, stop 'Marius Renard'.

  • Line 74: Uccle - Clemence Verard

Direct connection from Uccle (Bus) to Vijverspark stop 'Marie Curie'

– From the Zuidstation it's a few hundred metres walk to the Fuse for those going to the after party.

Tip: A handy route planner for public transport in Belgium can be found via this link.

By train

  • Anderlecht Station
    • Distance to the festival: 1,5 km
      • 19' walking
      • 7' by bike
    • Connection
      • Schaerbeek, 1 train/hour, last train at 23:30
        • Stops: Brussels South, Central and North
      • Zottegem, 1 train/hour, last train at 22:33
        • Stops: Denderleeuw, Welle, Haaltert, Ede, Burst, Terhagen, Herzele, Hillegem
  • Station Forest South
    • Distance to festival: 3,5 km
      • 22' bus line 810, every 40 min.
    • Connection
      • 's Gravenbrakel 1 train/hour, last 22:08
        • Stops: Ruisbroek, Lot, Buizingen, Halle, Lembeek, Tubeke, Hennuyeres

The XRDS Festival is easily accessible by bicycle. Many municipalities are within cycling distance. There is a free, guarded cycle park on Marius Renardlaan under the Brussels ring road near the entrance to the festival. XRDS will provide a small gift for all cyclists!

Also handy: in Brussels, you can make use of Villo's shared bicycles. A day pass costs 1 euro with the first half hour of each ride being free and 0.5 euro for the second half hour. There are 6 Villo stations around the Vijverspark: Marius Renard, Theo Lambert, Luther King, Curie, Merckx and Van Hellemont. You can find more information about Villo here.

Cycle highways:

  • FR0 & FR1 Central bicycle ring Brussels - along Vijverspark
  • F223 Brussels Bockstael - Brussels Cureghem
  • F209 Vijverspark - direction Denderleeuw and Anderlecht East
  • F20 Halle - connection to F209
  • Junctions in the Brussels periphery
    • min. 2 Km from festival

Do you live too far to come by bike? Park & Bike is highly recommended. You take the bike in the car, park nearby and then you cycle to the XRDS bike park. Parking is possible at a.o:

From Vijverspark it is a 6,8 km bike ride to the Fuse for those going to the after-party.

These are the recommended roads to take to approach the festival location.

  • Via R0 Ring around Brussels
    • E40 Ghent (55 km)
    • E40 Leuven (47 km)
    • A12 & E19 Antwerp (53 & 64 km)
    • E19 Mons (65 km)
      • Connection E42

We strongly advise against it, but if you choose to come to Brussels by car, there are some important things to bear in mind:

Parking: Visitors

  • Visitors to the festival can park at P+R CERIA-COOVI near exit 16 of the R0. A day ticket costs 15 euros. The walking route to the festival is signposted.
    1 km - 13' walk

Kiss + Ride: Visitors

There is a K+R zone on the Marius Renardlaan near the festival entrance. From the R0 take exit 15 and follow the signs K+R.

There is also a Taxi Service at the K+R.

If you want to go to the afterparty in the Fuse by car, you can park in Parking Hallepoort or OneParking Brussel Zuid, both of which are nine minute walk from the Fuse.

XRDS festival is providing shuttle busses to the festival and back, this in collaboration with Keolis. Several routes are scheduled with several boarding points such as Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen. 

More information → Book your shuttle


  • Affligem Carpool → 12:40

1790 Affligem

  • Berchem: Borsebeeksebrug → 11:30

Borsbeekbrug (Flibco stop)
2600 Berchmen

  • Hoegaarden: Carpool Hoegaarden → 12:00

3320 Hoegaarden

  • Erpe-Mere Carpool → 12:20

9420 Erpe-Mere 

  • Gent: Achterkant Station → 11:50

9000 Gent

  • Kontich: Kontich Carpool E19 → 11:45

N171 274
2550 Kontich 

  • Kortrijk Oost Carpool Cowboy Henk → 11:00

8500 Kortrijk

  • Leuven: Parking Bodart → 12:30

3000 Leuven

  • Liège: Gare d’Angleur → 10:45

Rue Denis Lecoq
4031 Liège

  • Machelen Carpool (Vilvoorde) → 12:30

E19 afrit 12
1820 Vilvoorde

  • Nazareth Carpool → 11:30

Steenweg Deinze
9810 Nazareth

  • Mechelen: Shopping MZ (Lunch Garden) → 12:15

Zemstbaan 171
2800 Mechelen

  • Sint-Truiden Hotel Stayen - Decathlon → 11:30

Tiensesteenweg 172
3800 Sint-Truiden

→ Shuttles are driving back after the festival at 01:00 sharp at Marius Renard. Details about that will be sent to you in a confirmation mail. Note that for these shuttles we work with an external company.

If you don't want to stress about travelling far on the day of the concert, just stay in Brussels. Thanks to, you can make this an unforgettable city trip. For all the information, go to

By shuttle

  • Get your shuttle ticket here

Blaesstraat 208, Brussels

  • 6 km – 21’ by bike

Near Brussels South Station

  • 900 M – 12’ walk

Accessibility from festival location

  • Metro: line 5 + line 6 or 2
  • Bus: line 141 stop Marie Curie N181 to Brussels South and
  • T81 (replacement bus for tram)
  • Last metro up to 25 min. after the end of the festival and tram 60 min.
  • On Sundays, tram and metro up to over 2 hours after the festival


  • Street parking is paid
  • Hallepoort Parking – 508 spots – 9’ walk
  • OneParking Brussels South Station - 9’ walk

Good connection to afterparty with public transport


No, afterparty tickets are sold separately. Fuse has a limited capacity so we advise buying your afterparty tickets in advance.

Yes, we offer on-site lockers that are available for purchase in advance through our ticket shop.

All lost items are sent to the club and listed there. Please send an email to and describe the item you have lost as accurately as possible so we can assist you promptly.

Flyers and/or posters of other events – without any permission of the organization – are not allowed. Please reach out to us through if you want to know about promotional opportunities on our festival grounds.

If you bought your ticket via Paylogic, please follow this link to retrieve it or contact the customer service of Resident Advisor ( directly.

Yes! Every day we have an afterparty at Fuse. The afterparty is an official part of the XRDS program.

Afterparty runs from 23h00 until 08h00 on Saturday and from 22h00 until 07h00 on Sunday.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange day tickets for another day. We recommend to safely sell your ticket on TicketSwap and buy a new one on our website.

Re-entry is not possible at XRDS. In = in, out = out. Enjoy the moment!

We try to provide a balanced selection of meals and drinks (vegan and veggie options). It is not allowed to bring your own food and/or beverages.

We do advise, however, if you have a severe allergy to gluten for example, to ask for the manager of the food truck. He/she can inform you and help you think about an adjustment in the dish so that you can enjoy the relevant dishes. So pay extra attention when consuming food/drinks

Our festival grounds are fairly accessible for wheelchair users with plenty of concrete paths and dance floors on a flat terrain. For more information, please contact

XRDS complies with the COVID-19 measurements issued by the Belgian government at all times.

At this time, there are no COVID measures in place. You do not need to be tested or have a CST to enter the festival. Mouth masks are no longer obligated on public transport.

Find the latest up-to-date info via

The use of illegal drugs is harmful and can have negative consequences for you, your immediate environment, our organization as well as the relevant security authorities. It is prohibited by law to possess or sell drugs at XRDS. Any violation of this can lead to criminal prosecution and denial of access to the festival site.

There is a first aid station permanently present on site, clearly marked on the festival terrain and map. Please be aware that these people stand in for your safety and the safety of your loved ones, so it’s highly recommended to follow their instructions carefully.

XRDS wants to be a safe-r- space for its visitors. Look out for each other, and show respect and tolerance. Treat everyone equally and respect everyone’s personal space. No means no, be mindful when engaging with others. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly festival, no hate or racism against any groups will be tolerated.

We have our Fuse Awareness Team available on site. Search for our Awareness Peers wearing an orange sweater or shirt or the Help Desk. If you’ve encountered or witnessed any unsafe or unpleasant situations, please reach out to our Awareness Team, they are there to listen and help.

This section will be updated constantly with new information, as soon as the info is available.

Urgent question? Send an email to We will reply as soon as possible.