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Set against the backdrop of Brussels’s lively streets, XRDS reflects the city’s flourishing cultural and artistic scene. Located under the highways that crisscross the skyline, XRDS, known as "crossroads", takes pride in its unique setting.

Amidst the urban hustle and bustle, nature prevails in Parc des Étangs / Vijverspark. The park's blossoming flora and fauna serve as the festival's playground, where the solidity of concrete merges with the tranquility of nature.

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Vijverspark is the foundation of XRDS Festival, offering a splendid backdrop that enhances the festival’s unique ambiance. Nestled in Anderlecht, Brussels, this expanse of vibrant flora and fauna collocates the grey brutal highways above. Within this verdurous oasis, three stages are strategically positioned throughout a secure perimeter, inviting attendees to dance under the sun or cool down in the shadows of the highways.

To ensure the preservation of this green gem, comprehensive measures are implemented to maintain the ecological balance of Parc des Étangs / Vijverspark. XRDS Festival is fortunate to have this pristine natural setting as its home.

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Three stages are spread throughout Parc des Étangs / Vijverspark, each with its own charm. The Outskirts stage will be slightly relocated but will retain its coziness, while the Viaduct stage will undergo a complete makeover, including an expansion. The Bridge stage is moving deeper under the bridges, adding levels around the pillars to create a dynamic depth of energy.


At XRDS, you’re participating in an encyclopedia of musical diversity. Whether it’s techno, house, or experimental music, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste and something new to discover. This festival serves as a nod to the city’s diverse cultural legacy and its capacity to evolve, highlighting Brussels’s resilience and inclusivity with a nod to the past, present, and future.